There is a saying that time flies when you are having fun, this is so true. It is already a year ago the I changed my professional life from being an employee to quit the job and start my own business. Yes it is already a year ago that I started Daalmans Consulting! If I look back I think that this step was one without having a second of regret. The year was great from business perspective, helping old customers and new customers in the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility space.

But also I was able to contribute to the community by presenting sessions at events across Europe and the US, sponsor my son’s soccer team, write some blogs and even started contributing two chapters to a new book that will hopefully finished soon. The future looks bright and I am looking forward to all the new projects and all the new challenges, a big thanks to all of my customers for the trust and support during this first year of Daalmans Consulting! Looking forward working with you also in the second year!